How to Track People On Your WordPress Website?

Do you want to know how to monitor website traffic on a WordPress site? Do you wish to implement WordPress visitor tracking in order to expand your business?

You can start putting measures into place to Increase those numbers once you know how many people are visiting your website, reading your content, and purchasing your product/services.

After undergoing extensive review on this criterion, we have decided to recommend WPStatistics as a plugin for our readers. Why then is WPStatistics the best? read now.

The average website owner typically keeps an eye on at least one metric – how many visitors are coming to the site. After all, it is an excellent indicator of your WordPress site performance. Yet, not all traffic is equal. For instance, how do you know if that traffic is heading to your key target pages or your sales pages are reaching their goals?

Tracking your website visitors can offer priceless insights you can leverage to improve the effectiveness of your business.

Information you can get from this WPStatistics Plugin includes:

Sources – where your visitors are coming from
Destinations – which pages they are heading to
Keywords – what they’re looking for
Online Users – how many online users are now reading your website
Devices – what kinds of devices do the majority of visitors use?
With information like this, you can decide what areas may need improving to maximize your website efficiency.

The greatest analytical overview dashboard is provided by this plug-in, which enables the WordPress administrator to analyse visitor performance in a single dashboard.

Additionally, it shows how many people are accessing and returning to your website. which pages they visited the most.

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